Going to watch a horse race live is so exciting. If you have never been to the races then it is something that you should make an effort to do at least once.

There is nothing like going to the racecourse, all dressed up with a group of friends and then having a few drinks and deciding which horses to bet on. It is great fun studying the form and pretending that you know what you are doing when you actually just choose the horse with the luckiest sounding name! Once the bets are placed you need to find a great place to watch, right near to the finish line. Then you feel the butterflies in your stomach as the race starts and you begin to cheer on the horse that you have chosen. It can be great if you have all chosen different horses as it feels like you are competing against each other and all shouting different things. As they get closer to the finish line, the adrenaline builds and you get an idea as to whether your horse might be in with a chance of winning the race.

Your heart pounds as it almost looks like the race is in slow motion as horse after horse passes the finish post. Then you strain your ears to hear the announcement to see whose horse did win. If you are lucky, one of you will then get to go and collect their winnings from the bookmakers and you will all be able to have a few drinks to celebrate. It can be such fun, evoke some healthy competition between friends and just be a good day out for everyone. So why not consider organising a race day out for you and your friends and family as it can be such exciting fun for everyone.