If you want a really great day out, then the races is a great choice. Not only will you get entertainment and adrenaline but also a fantastic atmosphere and great food and drink. If you want to go to the best then why not try the Cheltenham Gold Cup. It is arguably one of the best race meets of the year and there are some great reasons why.

Firstly, it is a big festival and you get the best jockeys, horses and trainers attending. This means that you get to see the best. Whether it is the first time you have been to the races or you have been before, there is nothing like seeing the best jockeys and riders in action. It can make things so exciting. It is also a much better atmosphere and there are lots more people there, which makes for a lot more excitement.

Cheltenham racecourse is also a great choice because large and there is lots to see. There are lots of different bars as well as different eating places and plenty of places to walk outside. Even if you do not have the most expensive tickets, you can still see a lot of the grounds and this can mean that you can take in a lot of the atmosphere. The views are amazing too, with the race course being on the top of the hill and so in between races, you can either admire the lovely views, or enjoy yourself in one of the bars or choose something nice to eat.

Another great thing about Cheltenham, is that it is a lovely town to visit as well, which means that you can go and shop on the Promenade or stay in one of the fancy hotels and make a really fantastic weekend of it. There is even a bus from the racecourse to the town centre and if you fancy a nice walk past some of the more expensive houses in the town, then you can stroll from the racecourse in to town. There is a lovely park nearby as well and so there is a lot to do if you want to make the most of your visit.