Okay, so “spring” might not really be “spring” depending on where you are, but that’s okay. You can still figure out how to pass the time, can’t you? You can still figure out what you’re going to do with yourself, right? Exactly. This is where we come to online horse betting. Instead of trying to go all the way out to a racetrack and sit in the heat (or in this case, a bit of the chill), you can actually stay at home and accomplish the same thing. You get to watch the big races, bet on the horses that interest you, and go from there.

What does it really take to be a good horse picker? You can do what the science types do and crunch data, or you can just bet with your gut. Horse’s name, appearance, color of the jockey’s silks, lucky numbers… it’s up to you. You can also look at the odds on the horse. If odds drop before the start of the race, you know that a lot of people are betting on the horse.

Handicapping is something that can be very interesting, but it’s a lot of work. This is where he serious players actually make serious money. But it can take you a while before your handicapping system actually pays off. Don?t do shortcuts if you?re going to take this tactic. You have to make sure that you’re looking at the field as it stands. That’s where the real money will live — if you choose to free some for yourself, then that’s even better.

When the race starts, get into it. Look at which horses will have tactical advantages. You should also look at every single horse and see how they move. What is their temperament like? These clues can tip you off to whether or not a horse will be the one to win it all or not. Sometimes you’ll pick up things about horses that others aren’t seeing. Unless you want to let other people in on what you’re thinking, keep your thoughts to yourself. Similarly, don’t expect everyone to go out of their way to help you. Handicappers take a lot of pride in their system, and they feel that it’s something that’s very private.

In the end, it’s still gambling. Make sure that you don’t drop so much money on the races that you’re in trouble in other places. That’s a trip that you don’t want to go down, you know. Good luck!