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When The Time Is Right To Bet?

Sometimes the best indicator for when a bet should be placed is when you know that the bookmakers don´t want you to place it. When the bookies are running scared from a particular horse, or from a particular market, there´s generally only one reason for it – they don´t think they can WIN!

One such market where all bar one bookmaker is running scared at the moment is the Top Jockey market at the Cheltenham Festival. In recent years most of the bookies have been offering each-way betting on this market, but with Ruby Walsh appearing to have such a stranglehold on the title again this year, the bookies are clearly reluctant to accommodate the each-way thieves and lay anything for a place.

I don´t particularly blame them because it does look ripe for the picking, but if someone is mug enough to offer up prices on a market that the others are running from, who am I to refuse their generosity!

Top Jockey market

The mug in question is SportingBet and they’re the only ones offering 1/5 the odds 1-2-3!

Of course, with the book of rides Ruby has for the Festival he deserves to be the hot favourite, but Cheltenham has a habit of coming up with the unexpected and it will only take a couple of mishaps, or a horse running below form, for the market to be turned on its head. On top of that, even if everything did happen to go to plan, someone has to finish in 2nd and 3rd place behind Walsh.

So an each-way play on one his competitors is definitely the route to take here, but finding the right one to oppose him with perhaps won´t prove to be quite as easy.

Barry Geraghty is the obvious alternative, but SportingBet are ducking him by only offering 10/3 when others are as high as 4/1. Tony McCoy is 3rd favourite at 6/1 and that´s the best price you´ll find with any of the bookmakers. Robert Thornton is a contender too, but again he´s short with SportingBet. The rest are much of a muchness with 33/1+ available on all of them in places.

If you fancy one of the longer priced jockeys I certainly wouldn´t attempt to put you off, especially as you´re practically guaranteed 6/1+ a place and 33/1 the win, but at the current odds I´m going to plump for the safer option and take Tony McCoy as my each-way play at 6/1. He´s got a nice book of rides and was uncharacteristically upbeat about his chance at the Festival when I saw him interviewed the other day, so he´s my sporting choice for this year´s top jockey.

Horse Racing Fun!

If you enjoy watching horse racing, then it is well worth actually going to the races in person. It may be something that you have never experienced before and so you will not know what to expect. It is great fun and so something that you really should go to, even if it is just a once in a lifetime experience.

It can be daunting and possibly expensive if you go to a big meet such as on Grand National or Gold Cup day. However, there are plenty of other meets that you can go to which are not as busy and great for first timers.

Horse Racing

You will find that there are evening amateur meets at Cheltenham which are a lot less crowded and less expensive which can be good for first timers. When the place is less busy it can feel more friendly as well and you can ask for help in what to do, where to go and even how to place a bet. This can be daunting if you have never done it before! It can be fun though, looking at the Cheltenham Odds and then deciding whether to go for form or just choose your favourite horses name, jockey or colours. It can be fun just picking something obscure or trying to do a good job and working out who you think will win.

Being at the races may not be for everyone. However, until you have experienced it, you will never know whether you will like it. If you enjoy watching horse racing on the television, then you should find that watching it live is exciting. You may feel you prefer to relax at home, where you get a better view on the television than you might at the race course.

However, there is nothing like being among a crowd of people all cheering on the horses and getting excited as the race comes to its conclusion. It is also great fun to be able to just know what it feels like to be there. If you decide not to go again, at least you will have experienced what it is like and you will be able to imagine that when you are watching on the television in the future. It is not good always wondering what it might be like to be there, just make sure that you do go and find out.

Horse Racing Betting Tips: How to Lay a Good Bet

Horse racing betting does not only mean aiming for the right horse and betting for it to win at the same time. This sport could involve pure luck but it generally requires strategy and skills of putting this technique into action. Find out the horse racing betting strategies that could make a big change from continuously losing a lot of money to winning more than what you have just lost.

There are different factors that you need to consider before you regret losing money for giving a bet. The horse is the first thing you have to take in to account before joining a horse racing betting. Observing the movements and appearance of the horses in the game will give you an idea of which one will have better chances of winning. Although horses that are not backed overly have only fair chances of winning, they can be the best option for horse racing betting as they are usually given the best value in the end. On the other hand, horses that are backed more are more likely to win but most of the time they do not have higher bets.

Lay a Good Bet

In choosing for the right horse, select for the one that projects the winner’s style. You can tell this by checking out its form and shape. A Winning horse will show its capability of winning whatever race it may involve. Seek more information about horse racing systems in the internet, newspapers, magazines and horse racing books. They can provide details about horses that have won many times in a race and those that usually involve with higher bets from the start of the horse racing betting.

Having a personal experience in riding horses that will surely win is the best aspect of a good jockey. Experts in this field are most effective in horses that sprint and run faster than others. However, no matter how fast a horse can run winning the race wouldn’t be possible if it is not accustomed to the route where it is running. This only means without the guide of an expert jockey the horse will never make it to the first place. They are the ones who have the best knowledge of handling a racing horse so that it can work to its full ability and potential. You must not be fooled during the primary showing of horses where some would appear to be running fast because in the end, even the slow horses can build up its way to the finish line first depending on the jockey who is handling the horse.

You must also seek more information about horse racing track. To be able to analyze and become an expert on the track where horses ran will help you bet for the right horse during horse racing betting. Normally, in the horses that have taken the lead will not favor a muddy track. The condition of the track will make it run slower than it used to and therefore all the other horses will overtake and take the lead. It is also important to choose a horse that has recently ran. No matter how good the horses are, if it has rested for some time, its potential to perform well during – will be affected.

Can You Tell The Difference Between a Good Race and a Bad One

Even though we talk about harness racing form time to time, there’s nothing like a good flat race between thoroughbreds. The good news is that we’re seeing more and more of you get excited about the big horse races. That?s definitely a great thing, but the truth is that there are some classic mistakes being made. Even though there?s no guarantees in the world of horse racing, the reality is that you can do things to improve your chances of making money. One of those things is knowing the difference between a good race and a bad one.

“Aren’t all races worth betting on?”

Not so much. Though a lot of newcomers believe this, so they assume that any attempt to differentiate just isn’t worth it. They will go in on just about any race you can think of. Just like in poker, we want to be selective if we can help it. You need to make sure that just as you’re looking at whether horses are worth it, you will need to look at whether or not the race itself is worth it.

The hallmark of a great race is one with horses that are not just true favorites, but ones that have a fighting chance of winning. This means that it’s back to numbers again. Yes, we know that some of you hate crunching data, but the truth is that the money is IN the data. You have to crunch the numbers. You have to have a good idea of what to really expect. You have to see what’s going to actually go down.

Good horse Race

Reading the horse racing program is a must. It’s not something that you can just skip over, even if you?re getting betting picks from another site. Always confirm your own data. Always double check. Just because a horse might be a favorite from another race doesn’t mean that the data hasn’t changed. Even though this should be common sense, you might be surprised what happens when “betting fever” sets in. Horse hysteria is a reality, and it has led many wager happy individuals down a road to losing quite a bit of cash.

Bad races have horses that just aren’t favorites. Yes, one horse will “win” but they will not be winning at their peak. You need to think about the fact that these horses will not be the ones you want. Are they truly fit? Are they in the best health possible? Are they horses that want to push hard, or ones that are content to follow instead of leading the way? Why bet on losers that haven’t been properly put away? That’s a waste of money on every level.

Tossing out races might be hard, but the reality is that you’re better off in the long run.

Horse betting is like any other type of gambling — the money is in the long term management of data, money, and factors. Looking at all of your factors will make you a much better punter than if you were to just barrel into any race that looks interesting. Good luck!

Spring Into Spring with Great Online Horse Betting Tips

Okay, so “spring” might not really be “spring” depending on where you are, but that’s okay. You can still figure out how to pass the time, can’t you? You can still figure out what you’re going to do with yourself, right? Exactly. This is where we come to online horse betting. Instead of trying to go all the way out to a racetrack and sit in the heat (or in this case, a bit of the chill), you can actually stay at home and accomplish the same thing. You get to watch the big races, bet on the horses that interest you, and go from there.

What does it really take to be a good horse picker? You can do what the science types do and crunch data, or you can just bet with your gut. Horse’s name, appearance, color of the jockey’s silks, lucky numbers… it’s up to you. You can also look at the odds on the horse. If odds drop before the start of the race, you know that a lot of people are betting on the horse.

Handicapping is something that can be very interesting, but it’s a lot of work. This is where he serious players actually make serious money. But it can take you a while before your handicapping system actually pays off. Don?t do shortcuts if you?re going to take this tactic. You have to make sure that you’re looking at the field as it stands. That’s where the real money will live — if you choose to free some for yourself, then that’s even better.

When the race starts, get into it. Look at which horses will have tactical advantages. You should also look at every single horse and see how they move. What is their temperament like? These clues can tip you off to whether or not a horse will be the one to win it all or not. Sometimes you’ll pick up things about horses that others aren’t seeing. Unless you want to let other people in on what you’re thinking, keep your thoughts to yourself. Similarly, don’t expect everyone to go out of their way to help you. Handicappers take a lot of pride in their system, and they feel that it’s something that’s very private.

In the end, it’s still gambling. Make sure that you don’t drop so much money on the races that you’re in trouble in other places. That’s a trip that you don’t want to go down, you know. Good luck!

A Good Introduction to Horse Handicaps and Betting Systems

We wanted to dig in to more about horse betting from a different perspective. You want to make money in horse betting so you´re probably ready to hit the ground running. However, the truth is that doing your homework generally leads to much better profit than meets the eye. There’s no reason to assume that you?re not going to get ahead in horse betting — it´s always going to be there, after all. However, if you take your time you’ll end up making a lot more than the nutters who just dive on in. You don’t have to have complicated software or a bunch of rules — you just need to work out a good system.

When it comes to handicapping, it’s all about getting a system that works but isn’t too complicated. We like the speed selection system which has been around for a while. Punters use factors like speed to figure out a fast way to narrow down the field. Horses that aren’t likely to win the race are removed from consideration immediately. So for example, if you look at a field of horses, you can remove horses that haven’t placed within the top three of any of the previous races. In addition, you want to cut the horses that haven’t raced on the track before. After all, what horse is honestly going to win a race on a track that they haven’t ran on before? If there’s a horse that has been out of action for a while — don’t bet on them. Filter that horse out. This sort of information is essential to accurate, successful handicapping and horse tipping.

One of the biggest temptations that you’ll face is that you’ll want to break the rules here and there, thinking that you can just bet with your gut. Betting is emotional, but if you?re going to follow a system, then you need to follow it to the fullest. There’s just no other way around it.

You have to always be looking at the biggest picture from start to finish. Sure, it’s tempting but you are bound to lose money. There are solid reasons why you want to filter out those horses.

The serious punters also judge horses by looking at their favorite surfaces. Some horses do best on dirt, while others do well on turf.

Others turn to look at jockeys. Keeping track of jockeys and their performance history is very important. If you go with a bad jockey, how can you expect the horse to actually do well? How can you expect anyone to take it seriously? You have to always think about that in terms of getting things done.  You will do a lot better looking at how the jockeys are doing. Jockeys have a direct influence over their horses. If you believe that the jockey and the horse are connected somehow, then this is even more important.

At the end of the day, it’s all about patterns. You want to look at winning patterns that can give you more percentage points in the win category. You study the right patterns and you’ll have no problem actually getting some big wins in the future.

A Quick Guide to UK Horseracing

If you’re going to bet on the big races, you need to at least have a good idea of what’s going on. For the advanced bettors that have enjoyed a long betting run, this guide may bore you. Feel free to move on, or fill in the guide with facts from your own observations through the field. We don’t mind at all!

Now then, let’s get down to business. Horseracing offers something for everyone — this isn’t just a sport for the older set. It’s a great time to go out with family, watch beautiful horses go around the track very fast, and otherwise have a great night out.

You can go to just about any event and sit in different enclosures. If you have money to burn and you want to get the best seating, you can do that. If you are on a budget but you still want to see the races, there are seats for that as well.

The premier enclosure is your best option, while your course enclosure is your budget enclosure. Both will give you access to the games.

What about if you just want to watch the games at home? You can do that as well.

There’s two types of big horse racing — flat and jump. Flat racing has no obstacles and takes place all year round, but primarily between April and October. Jump racing primarily focuses on October and April.

If you’re trying to bet online, you want to go to a good sportsbook. There are fixed-odds bets, where there’s a set price for punters to back a certain horse. When you make your bet, you will always know how much you stand to gain. There’s also pool betting, where all bets on a certain race are entered into a pool and shared out amongst the winners. This type of betting is vaguer, because you don’t know how much you might win.

There’s plenty of information out there about horse racing — this is just designed to scratch the surface. Think about this as you begin to really explore the marketplace. Good luck!

A day at the races

You may be mistaken when you see the press attention the likes of Ladies Day at Ascot and the like receive that these are very much social events, and while that may be the case for some, you can practically guarantee that every person there will have put some money on a horse in a race, as this is what a day at the races is really all about.

Long known as the sport of Kings, race days have a far reaching appeal, and for every socialite you see sipping champagne in her Philip Treacy hat you will see numerous people from all walks of life having a bet and cheering on their horse.

This one of the big attractions of going to the races, everyone can go and have a great time and make a few quid to boot. Betting on horses is one of the easiest, and oldest, forms of gambling. Even an enthusiastic amateur can understand the way that the odds system works, and can work out that if you put £1 on a horse that wins at 10/1 you will get £10 back plus your pound bet.

In big races such as the Grand National, each way betting comes into play in a big way due the large number of runners. If you put £1 each way you are effectively betting £1 that the horse will win, and £1 that they will be placed 2nd, 3rd, 4th and, in some cases, 5th.
The odds for a placed horse are generally ¼ of their starting price, so if a horse at 20/1 is place you get £5 back, plus your £1 bet.

While racing on the television draws big audiences, there is nothing like the buzz of attending a race meeting. There are race courses across the country that welcome all comers, and the on site book makers, known as the tic tac men with their exaggerated arm movements that all have a meaning, are a sight to behold.

There is nothing quite like placing your bet, then watching your horse in the flesh thundering across the turf towards the finishing post. While you can obviously place your bets in advance either at a betting shop or online, one of the thrills of attending a meeting is standing in line to place your bet and then going back with your ticket to receive your winnings.

If you live within easy travelling distance of one of the big race courses such as York, Doncaster, Aintree or Epsom, you owe it to yourself to turn your back on the TV and go there in person. The atmosphere is electric, akin to a top football match, and this just cannot be replicated by sitting in the house watching it on a flat screen.

Betting on Horse Races

Most people probably associate sports betting with horse racing. This is because most people who do bet on sports do so on racing, although other sports especially football are becoming more popular. Some people find horse racing rather complicated to bet on, but actually it is quite simple.

Firstly there are the odds. These are calculated by the bookmaker to make sure that they do well out of the bets. If a horse has a good chance of winning, then the odds will mean that you will not get that much money back in winnings. However, if the horse has a very small chance of winning, then the odds are set so that anyone betting on this horse will get a big payout. The odds are determined by how many people are betting on each horse and so they will change. However, you can bet so that you get paid on the odds that are set when you place the bet, rather than what they are when the race actually starts.

Decided which horse to choose can be trickier. You will be given an indication of whether the ground is hard or soft and if you read up about the horses you will be able to find out what type of ground they prefer. This will have a bearing on whether they are likely to do well in that particular race. Their past performance is important to, such as how many races have they won before and how many have they taken part in. The rider may also be important as an experienced rider could make all the difference to the performance of a horse. It does sound complicated, but actually it is a lot easier than you might think, once you start looking in to it.

Horse Racing Betting Tips for Beginners

If you are new to horse racing systems and handicapping, it is highly important that you learn as much as possible about this topic. Also, the information might also be suitable for bettors that have been using handicapping for a long time now. It does not matter what handicapping level you are at now as you can surely learn more every single day. A good gambler will always try to learn more and to find new systems and ways to locate winners and reduce losers.

The truth is that it is quite hard to bet on horse racing and only some bettors are going to be able to make money on the long term. In the event that you will be worried about races that are dishonest or fixed, you need to always play races at high purses and on the best possible race tracks. In the event that there is a prize pool of 100 thousand dollars, most of the trainers and jockeys will do all that is humanly possible in order to win the race. If the purse will not cover expenses, there is definitely a reason why the horse is in the race and it is not to brag about a victory.

It is always recommended that you will stay away from betting the big favorites in a little race. A horse that is racing for a high purse will usually bring in much better competition. Its form will be better than a horse that is at lower levels. You should try to stand away from a cheap claiming race as this is where weird things usually happen often.

Most beginner gamblers will make one huge mistake when betting on horses. They will bet on every single race. You should never do this. Any professional will tell you that you need to sit out a race in the event that you do not have a proper reason to place a bet. It is quite hard to make a profit even when you do have good reasons to bet. When you place money on all the races, it is basically a guarantee that you are going to lose a lot of money.

The last thing that we need to talk about is the “sure thing” horse racing betting system. There is no such thing as all the systems are going to fail eventually. You will never find one that will work all the time. Make sure that you will learn as many as possible and understand when they can be successful and when you should not use them.