Well if you love races, and here we mean horse races, then you definitely would never want to miss the enthralling and exciting ‘The Melbourne Cup’ for sure. The Melbourne Cup undeniably one of the finest of horse races held in Australia and brings out the best of talent before us. This horse race takes place every Tuesday in the month of November and it takes place in about 3,200 meters. The age of the horses valid to take part in the race is three years and above and is regarded as being the richest of horse races in the world. Many people would just associate the Ladbrokes brand with horse racing.

This great horse race is held at the Fleming ton Racecourse in Melbourne, and this event has been regularly been practiced in this ground since 1861. Undoubtedly the Fleming ton Racecourse has a rich and long history associated with horse racing. Kingston Rule is the recent record holder for speed who in the year 1990 won the race in 3 minutes and 16.3 which is undoubtedly commendable.

This horse race event is so much popular that around hundreds of horses take part every year and only the best of 24 horses are picked to take part in the final event. The prize money of this prestigious event is unquestionably huge, and this is why it has horse owners participating every year to win the crown. In the year 2011, the prize of the event was estimated as being more than six million Australian dollars and the first 10 horses together with the horse owners get to share the prize money, together with the jockey and trainer getting a percentage of the prize money.