If you enjoy watching horse racing, then it is well worth actually going to the races in person. It may be something that you have never experienced before and so you will not know what to expect. It is great fun and so something that you really should go to, even if it is just a once in a lifetime experience.

It can be daunting and possibly expensive if you go to a big meet such as on Grand National or Gold Cup day. However, there are plenty of other meets that you can go to which are not as busy and great for first timers.

Horse Racing

You will find that there are evening amateur meets at Cheltenham which are a lot less crowded and less expensive which can be good for first timers. When the place is less busy it can feel more friendly as well and you can ask for help in what to do, where to go and even how to place a bet. This can be daunting if you have never done it before! It can be fun though, looking at the Cheltenham Odds and then deciding whether to go for form or just choose your favourite horses name, jockey or colours. It can be fun just picking something obscure or trying to do a good job and working out who you think will win.

Being at the races may not be for everyone. However, until you have experienced it, you will never know whether you will like it. If you enjoy watching horse racing on the television, then you should find that watching it live is exciting. You may feel you prefer to relax at home, where you get a better view on the television than you might at the race course.

However, there is nothing like being among a crowd of people all cheering on the horses and getting excited as the race comes to its conclusion. It is also great fun to be able to just know what it feels like to be there. If you decide not to go again, at least you will have experienced what it is like and you will be able to imagine that when you are watching on the television in the future. It is not good always wondering what it might be like to be there, just make sure that you do go and find out.