The reality about the Horse Laying Systems is that most often your favorites are likely to lose rather than making it to the top. The secret to financial freedom lies in laying your horse prudently, and there are ample Horse Laying Systems you can navigate online. Most systems fail miserably and hardly live up to the authors hoopla for “guaranteed” profits. It’s time enough that you bet to win. Where most bettors mistake is, they look around for the best tips and place their bet with a bookie hoping their horse will come around with a payout.

There’s nothing apparently wrong with this strategy, as you would argue that the same technique has been used always. The fact remains, this one clicks if you’re a bookie, but not so if you are a punter. Some common facts: a single horse wins in any race, which means other horses lose; favorites lose in 2 out of 3 races, whenever a favorite has a fair chance of winning, the odds drop with little profit if the horse at all wins.


The secret to making a favorable Horse Laying System starts with no more giving your money to a bookie. Betting exchanges are made up of common people. Whatever money you bet or lay on exchange goes back to you or to another punter, with the exchange taking a small cut of the winnings (5% or less).

You can get on the other side of the equation. Once you know 2 in 3 favorites lose, this means that you have a 2 in 3 chance to win if you learn the correct selection techniques.

Before you start betting, remember there are certain races where favorites win most of the time (50% or 60%).

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A number of softwares are available for generating Horse Laying Systems and as practice makes perfect, you will gradually learn to successfully increase your chances of lay betting. Most programs are powered by concise and easy instructions, that help you use a points system and find potential profitable selections. The guides help you choose a race a day. If you have the time, use it to bet on other races that follow the same criteria. The varieties consist of instructions for Flat Races, Jump Races, and Aws. This helps you have all the information at your fingertips.

The LC System

The LC System is one of the winning horse laying systems provided on the Internet. Developed by Lay Crazy, here is finally a free betting system for the punters. All you need to do is get hold of the software that has been claimed by many others like you, who are willing to making it big in the gaming business.

It has been known that The LC System has produced whacking profits on a monthly and regular basis. The amounts vary something between £1800 and £2500 a month. Neither of these are entirely relevant. One of the reasons for this is the fact that the claims do not determine a beginning balance that is required by the wagerer to produce profits of that denomination. However, within The LC System guide, the reason behind the claim is rationalized, based on procuring a cent percent strike rate, which is absolutely inconceivable for a long period of time.

The LC System is in itself a short and precise pathfinder. It consists of a 7 page executive file which makes the system perfectly transparent and gives you a ready example by clarifying the key aspects. Gradually you become more and more familiar with the system and it is quite possible that all the information you require will be compressed in barely 2 pages. In fact, it is possible for you to function the LC system without referring at all to the guide. That is the magic!

It is noteworthy that while this system is relatively straightforward, it can take quite some time to get your selections for the day effective and you have to sometimes make use of more than one site – sometimes 2 – along with The LC System guide. Other than that, you may go on a long winning streak (23 was the maximum during the trial). However, the odds at which you place your selections are usually an excess of 10/1 which can be rather damaging if you make a few losses within a short span of time.

Daily Donkey

One of the best ways to get the secret of Horse Laying Systems is practicing a number of programs and fine tuning those skills. With Daily Donkey doing the rounds, all you need to do is visit their website and subscribe.
Daily Donkey is a free online horse laying service. The best aspect of the service is that it boasts of a yearly profit of £80000 and above based on lays amounting to £100. The choices are selected and displayed before the beginning of the day’s racing. This particular feature leaves you to place the bets whenever you wish.

The best aspect of the Daily Donkey is that you can always find the results of the last 4 years live any time. A selection is made for about every single race including some of the ones in Ireland. If you keep in mind that for placing all your horse racing lays requires the bettor to stay hooked at the computer all through the day, you could not be mistaken. The Daily Donkey website also offers at an extra charge of about £40 a totally automated software service which helps you download selections and mechanically places the lays for you.

Although this is not a compulsion, it does help in freeing up a lot of your time if you are the user. What’s more, if you are not to trust the results, the initial outlay will be paid for quickly in comparison no matter how low your stakes are.

Once you get to the results section, you will be able to view every selection from the past 4 years with the odds taken from exchanges that occurred at the time of the actual races. While this Daily Donkey system was being tested, it was found that the odds one could at all acquire from Betfair were frequently somewhat different from those that was claimed by the service. This makes it rather important to try and get your lays matched at the lowest price possible. You can trust the results on the Daily Donkey as a virtual guide to abide by, but they are not the ultimate guides for classic gain or loss.