Everyone wants to be an elite horse racing handicapper, and for good reason. After all, if you could have a system in place that gave you the perfect breeding ground for more profits, why wouldn’t you take advantage of it? Now, we’re not going to tell you about some program that isn’t going to add to your profits. You can find any site to tell you that. We want to get you moving in the right circles, talking to the right people, and being able to say that you’re moving up in the world of horse betting.

But we know what you’re thinking: what type of system could this be? It’s easy: we’re talking about Bet Bind, a site where you can keep track of all of your bets across sites with ease. It doesn’t matter what casino or sportsbook you’re playing at. Bet Bind makes it easy to collect a summary of all of your bets, and keep track of them for the long term. If you know that you have open bets, you can balance your budget better. Losing money on a specific type of bet? Move on with ease rather than trying to calculate up the loss or profit on your own.


The reason why so many top notch players turn to systematized accounting is that they have more and more bets. Once you have a handicapping system in place, you want to work on getting it refined, rather than chasing money. That’s just not a productive use of your time. Moving on from this is another problem-solution cycle: culling the bad bets out of your catalog.

You see, every punter is going to have bad bets. Getting rid of them with just a pen and paper is a big waste of time. While you can do it, is it really efficient? It’s the difference between using a hammer and a set of nails, or using a pneumatic nail gun. Both tools can do the job, but the pneumatic nail gun is more likely to help you lay down a set of hardwood floors quicker than the hammer and nails will.

Going to the heart of the matter, you have a choice: you can keep using pen and paper, or you can turn to Bet Bind. The system is easy to use, and setup only takes a few minutes of your time. The consequence of not taking action now means hundreds of hours of wasted time in the future. Is that a cost you’re willing to pay? Move up to higher stakes with ease; just go with tracking systems like Bet Bind!