I know, I know. You’re probably tired of me getting all technical about the world of horse betting. However, it’s really more necessary than you think. I have to tell you all about it because it’s an incredible world to be in. If you start looking at horse betting the way the big players do, you might find yourself learning — and making a lot more money than you did the past. It’s completely up to you to decide what type of results you get. Sure, you can plan everything. That’s why they call it betting. But you can be a smart punter and make well informed decisions. Of course, the choice is up to you. Some people hear this and still think that they can just skate around the obvious truth. Others will feel differently. If you want to just throw away some money having a few pints with your mates, then that’s fine. This guide probably doesn’t apply to you. But if you’re as intrigued by the world of horse racing as I am, you’re going to want to look at how to make better decisions with your betting.

This brings us right back to form and class handicapping. If you don’t know what’s going on, don’t worry. While these guides may get a little lengthy, but they are worth checking out.

Horse's Form

What you need to do is look at form first. Simply put, form is going to be looking at performance. It’s a record of all of the events that matter. The form of a horse is going to give you who the horse’s parents are, their pedigree, and race-specific information. You’ll have the position that they finished in a specific race, along with other details like whether they were pulled up, if the horse fell, if the horse refused to even enter the race, if the horse had to be brought down, and even if the horse took some time off from racing.

Time off is actually more important than meets the eye. For example, if you end up looking at a horse that’s taken some time off, there could be performance issues. Just as you have to get used to going back to work, so does the horse. So performance may not be where you want it to be. This is also the case if you see that the horse has unseated a rider. Could the horse be out of control? Could they be growing weary with racing? Horses have their own personalities just as we have our own personalities.

Just because a horse finished strong in one race doesn’t mean that they’ll continue that. This is also the case if you look at two different tracks. A horse may be well suited to running on one type of racetrack, but fail to deliver results on another, or find that they got overtaken by other horses quickly.

Some punters look at the age of the horse before they’ll even place a bet. The older horses have more wear on them, and hence will be a little more susceptible to falling behind. Still, if you’re looking for endurance, an old horse may surprise you. The young horses can be unpredictable because they don’t have the track record yet.

Confused yet? Tired yet? There’s a lot of data that you can crunch when it comes to horse betting. Again, these things aren’t necessary. You can always get some free horse picks if that’s what you want to do. Still, I think that there’s something special about being able to really get what you’re looking for.