Many people will have been disappointed about the Cheltenham New Years meet being cancelled, especially if they had Cheltenham 2013 guaranteed odds. However, the soggy ground may not have produced the expected results and could have been dangerous for horses, riders and spectators alike.

However, there are plenty more Cheltenham meetings to get excited about. There is of course Cheltenham Festival from the 12th – 15th March in 2013. This sees some of the best horses and riders compete all ending in the Gold Cup day where the very finest quality racing can be seen. This event will see the racecourse packed with people and the atmosphere is amazing. Some people prefer quieter days though and one of the quietest is probably the Hunter Chase Evening meet. This is happening on the 1st May in 2013 and is where amateur jockeys take part in a selection of races.

Cheltenham New Year Race
If you want something sooner, then the 26th January sees the Festival Trials day which is a one day jump meeting. The April meeting on 17th and 18th April is also very competitive. The new season starts in Cheltenham with The Showcase on 18th and 19th October which is the build up for The Open from 15th to 17th November where there is a shopping village as well as great racing. The last meet of the year is The International on the 13th and 14th December which are high class hurdle races.

Cheltenham is a popular venue and does get busy. If you want to go to an event, then it is worth booking up early as tickets will sell out. If you would rather watch events on the television, then most events are available, although it is worth checking as there will be some that are not televised, at least not on the main channels. It is can be good to go along though, especially if you never have before.

It is an atmosphere that cannot be experienced anywhere else. Being with others who are all enjoying the sport, having fun in the bars and placing bets before watching a live race where you can almost touch the horses before and after can be an amazing thing to do. It is something that cannot be imagined and can improve all of your horse race experiences, even if you never go to a meet again. You will always remember that atmosphere.