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The List that can make you a Winner!


To be successful you MUST keep meticulous records on a few levels. First, as a handicapper and student of the game, you need records on all your wagers for money management purposes. You need to know where you stand at all times. Depending on your citizenship, you may need to pay taxes on net profits. Next, keep handicapping records and notes on your selections for future play.


Specialize in a certain type of race, become efficient before moving on. Statistics and data are your friends. Subscribe to different databases to further your education and always check for the latest horse racing news and odds. Before having success with a sophisticated computer programs, the general consensus always preached there was “no way to beat the races”. Had I given up learning, I would have never known success.


This is always easier said than done as emotion enters the equation. Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose. Set a budget for each session and if you lose it, stop playing. If you have a losing streak, don’t chase. Come back and live another day. Remember the numbers are working for you…Let them work. Read more

Elite Horse Racing handicappers are using this simple system to make Better Bets

Everyone wants to be an elite horse racing handicapper, and for good reason. After all, if you could have a system in place that gave you the perfect breeding ground for more profits, why wouldn’t you take advantage of it? Now, we’re not going to tell you about some program that isn’t going to add to your profits. You can find any site to tell you that. We want to get you moving in the right circles, talking to the right people, and being able to say that you’re moving up in the world of horse betting.

But we know what you’re thinking: what type of system could this be? It’s easy: we’re talking about Bet Bind, a site where you can keep track of all of your bets across sites with ease. It doesn’t matter what casino or sportsbook you’re playing at. Bet Bind makes it easy to collect a summary of all of your bets, and keep track of them for the long term. If you know that you have open bets, you can balance your budget better. Losing money on a specific type of bet? Move on with ease rather than trying to calculate up the loss or profit on your own.


The reason why so many top notch players turn to systematized accounting is that they have more and more bets. Once you have a handicapping system in place, you want to work on getting it refined, rather than chasing money. That’s just not a productive use of your time. Moving on from this is another problem-solution cycle: culling the bad bets out of your catalog.

You see, every punter is going to have bad bets. Getting rid of them with just a pen and paper is a big waste of time. While you can do it, is it really efficient? It’s the difference between using a hammer and a set of nails, or using a pneumatic nail gun. Both tools can do the job, but the pneumatic nail gun is more likely to help you lay down a set of hardwood floors quicker than the hammer and nails will.

Going to the heart of the matter, you have a choice: you can keep using pen and paper, or you can turn to Bet Bind. The system is easy to use, and setup only takes a few minutes of your time. The consequence of not taking action now means hundreds of hours of wasted time in the future. Is that a cost you’re willing to pay? Move up to higher stakes with ease; just go with tracking systems like Bet Bind!

Horse Laying Systems

The reality about the Horse Laying Systems is that most often your favorites are likely to lose rather than making it to the top. The secret to financial freedom lies in laying your horse prudently, and there are ample Horse Laying Systems you can navigate online. Most systems fail miserably and hardly live up to the authors hoopla for “guaranteed” profits. It’s time enough that you bet to win. Where most bettors mistake is, they look around for the best tips and place their bet with a bookie hoping their horse will come around with a payout.

There’s nothing apparently wrong with this strategy, as you would argue that the same technique has been used always. The fact remains, this one clicks if you’re a bookie, but not so if you are a punter. Some common facts: a single horse wins in any race, which means other horses lose; favorites lose in 2 out of 3 races, whenever a favorite has a fair chance of winning, the odds drop with little profit if the horse at all wins.


The secret to making a favorable Horse Laying System starts with no more giving your money to a bookie. Betting exchanges are made up of common people. Whatever money you bet or lay on exchange goes back to you or to another punter, with the exchange taking a small cut of the winnings (5% or less).

You can get on the other side of the equation. Once you know 2 in 3 favorites lose, this means that you have a 2 in 3 chance to win if you learn the correct selection techniques.

Before you start betting, remember there are certain races where favorites win most of the time (50% or 60%).

horse racing

A number of softwares are available for generating Horse Laying Systems and as practice makes perfect, you will gradually learn to successfully increase your chances of lay betting. Most programs are powered by concise and easy instructions, that help you use a points system and find potential profitable selections. The guides help you choose a race a day. If you have the time, use it to bet on other races that follow the same criteria. The varieties consist of instructions for Flat Races, Jump Races, and Aws. This helps you have all the information at your fingertips. Read more

A Return to Track Bias In Horse Racing

We love horse racing around here, and there’s nothing like introducing people to the port a little more. Of course, when you’re a new punter there’s a lot of different terms to absorb. You could end up thinking that you really have a grasp of what’s going on, only to find that you really don’t! Yikes! 🙂

So, in the spirit of helping you out, here’s something that’s a little tricky for newbies to traditionally wrap their heads around: track biases.

Remember that track bias is simply the differences in different segments of the same racetrack. You have to think about this because it changes what horse may be the true favorite to win. Oh, sure, the announcer is going to say that the racetrack has a favorite but you should never go with what the crowd thinks is good. They tend to not think things through anyway.

horse racing

In a nutshell, there are quite a few factors that can lead to TB, including how often the track is used, the overall design of the track, and the weather. Rain on a grass based track is going to be different than rain hitting a clay based track. These are just facts, of course.

Sometimes a horse will thrive when you don’t expect them to, and you’ll have to correct your betting with that horse over time. Or you could have a great horse that you truly feel good about, only to see them get injured and/or have to be put to sleep. This is not a good situation that you want to be in at all.

Horse racing has so many subtle nuances that you really need to study. Just when you think that you have one part mastered, another pops up. We took the time to explain track biases because it gets discussed virtually everywhere. If you’re a newcomer, you don’t really understand the term. It’s hard to feel part of the community when it feels like they’re all speaking the same foreign language.

Check it out in real time for yourself. You can read up on the various conditions of a racetrack before the race begins, and then use those characteristics to begin reading about different horses involved in the business.

Bet On Graded Stakes Horse Stakes – But Be Careful!

If you’re thinking about betting on the big horse races, you might want to start with graded stakes races. In order to make sure that you’re not just blowing your money, allow us to explain exactly what a graded stakes race entails.

Not just any racetrack can consider itself a graded one. In order to earn a grade, there are certain conditions that have to be met first. First and foremost, the track has to be raced on for two years straight under the same restrictions. Participations in the race itself have to submit to post race drug testing. In addition, the purse for the race has to be greater than $75,000. Those are some tough criteria to meet, when you really think about it.

graded stakes races

Now then, you have horses that go into these races…and they are tough competition. These are the best of the best in the world of horse racing. So you want to study each and every horse carefully. Yes, this means that you’re going to be pouring over numbers. But if you want to really bet on horse racing like the pros do, you would really do well to think about this type of thing. Just trying to go through the motions isn’t going to work out well for anyone. You are much better off studying handicapping techniques and people who use strong handicapping to pick the horses that they want to bet on. If you’re trying to befriend people that are serious about horse racing, they’ll appreciate that you know enough to realize that it’s more than just betting on the horse with the funny name.

We say that you should be careful when it comes to graded stakes betting because a lot of newcomers underestimate how fierce the competition really is. A race with three year old Thoroughbred horses isn’t one to sneeze at, or take lightly. You have to make sure that you’re going to be able to get things done in a certain way that’s very specific. Why not make sure that you are focus on the bigger picture here?

The gains you get form graded stakes can be absolutely huge — but so can the losses. If you’re ever in doubt, make sure that you’re betting small. There’s no need to put your mortgage on the horse races, though some people sadly have done just that. The world of horse betting is just too volatile for taking that type of risk. It stops being fun around here for us when big sums of money are involved because we can think of a thousand other things that we would rather get. But it’s going to be up to you to figure out your limits as well as who you’re going to aim for in the grades stakes races. Good luck!

Horse Racing Fun!

If you enjoy watching horse racing, then it is well worth actually going to the races in person. It may be something that you have never experienced before and so you will not know what to expect. It is great fun and so something that you really should go to, even if it is just a once in a lifetime experience.

It can be daunting and possibly expensive if you go to a big meet such as on Grand National or Gold Cup day. However, there are plenty of other meets that you can go to which are not as busy and great for first timers.

Horse Racing

You will find that there are evening amateur meets at Cheltenham which are a lot less crowded and less expensive which can be good for first timers. When the place is less busy it can feel more friendly as well and you can ask for help in what to do, where to go and even how to place a bet. This can be daunting if you have never done it before! It can be fun though, looking at the Cheltenham Odds and then deciding whether to go for form or just choose your favourite horses name, jockey or colours. It can be fun just picking something obscure or trying to do a good job and working out who you think will win.

Being at the races may not be for everyone. However, until you have experienced it, you will never know whether you will like it. If you enjoy watching horse racing on the television, then you should find that watching it live is exciting. You may feel you prefer to relax at home, where you get a better view on the television than you might at the race course.

However, there is nothing like being among a crowd of people all cheering on the horses and getting excited as the race comes to its conclusion. It is also great fun to be able to just know what it feels like to be there. If you decide not to go again, at least you will have experienced what it is like and you will be able to imagine that when you are watching on the television in the future. It is not good always wondering what it might be like to be there, just make sure that you do go and find out.

Can You Tell The Difference Between a Good Race and a Bad One

Even though we talk about harness racing form time to time, there’s nothing like a good flat race between thoroughbreds. The good news is that we’re seeing more and more of you get excited about the big horse races. That?s definitely a great thing, but the truth is that there are some classic mistakes being made. Even though there?s no guarantees in the world of horse racing, the reality is that you can do things to improve your chances of making money. One of those things is knowing the difference between a good race and a bad one.

“Aren’t all races worth betting on?”

Not so much. Though a lot of newcomers believe this, so they assume that any attempt to differentiate just isn’t worth it. They will go in on just about any race you can think of. Just like in poker, we want to be selective if we can help it. You need to make sure that just as you’re looking at whether horses are worth it, you will need to look at whether or not the race itself is worth it.

The hallmark of a great race is one with horses that are not just true favorites, but ones that have a fighting chance of winning. This means that it’s back to numbers again. Yes, we know that some of you hate crunching data, but the truth is that the money is IN the data. You have to crunch the numbers. You have to have a good idea of what to really expect. You have to see what’s going to actually go down.

Good horse Race

Reading the horse racing program is a must. It’s not something that you can just skip over, even if you?re getting betting picks from another site. Always confirm your own data. Always double check. Just because a horse might be a favorite from another race doesn’t mean that the data hasn’t changed. Even though this should be common sense, you might be surprised what happens when “betting fever” sets in. Horse hysteria is a reality, and it has led many wager happy individuals down a road to losing quite a bit of cash.

Bad races have horses that just aren’t favorites. Yes, one horse will “win” but they will not be winning at their peak. You need to think about the fact that these horses will not be the ones you want. Are they truly fit? Are they in the best health possible? Are they horses that want to push hard, or ones that are content to follow instead of leading the way? Why bet on losers that haven’t been properly put away? That’s a waste of money on every level.

Tossing out races might be hard, but the reality is that you’re better off in the long run.

Horse betting is like any other type of gambling — the money is in the long term management of data, money, and factors. Looking at all of your factors will make you a much better punter than if you were to just barrel into any race that looks interesting. Good luck!

A Quick Guide to UK Horseracing

If you’re going to bet on the big races, you need to at least have a good idea of what’s going on. For the advanced bettors that have enjoyed a long betting run, this guide may bore you. Feel free to move on, or fill in the guide with facts from your own observations through the field. We don’t mind at all!

Now then, let’s get down to business. Horseracing offers something for everyone — this isn’t just a sport for the older set. It’s a great time to go out with family, watch beautiful horses go around the track very fast, and otherwise have a great night out.

You can go to just about any event and sit in different enclosures. If you have money to burn and you want to get the best seating, you can do that. If you are on a budget but you still want to see the races, there are seats for that as well.

The premier enclosure is your best option, while your course enclosure is your budget enclosure. Both will give you access to the games.

What about if you just want to watch the games at home? You can do that as well.

There’s two types of big horse racing — flat and jump. Flat racing has no obstacles and takes place all year round, but primarily between April and October. Jump racing primarily focuses on October and April.

If you’re trying to bet online, you want to go to a good sportsbook. There are fixed-odds bets, where there’s a set price for punters to back a certain horse. When you make your bet, you will always know how much you stand to gain. There’s also pool betting, where all bets on a certain race are entered into a pool and shared out amongst the winners. This type of betting is vaguer, because you don’t know how much you might win.

There’s plenty of information out there about horse racing — this is just designed to scratch the surface. Think about this as you begin to really explore the marketplace. Good luck!

A day at the races

You may be mistaken when you see the press attention the likes of Ladies Day at Ascot and the like receive that these are very much social events, and while that may be the case for some, you can practically guarantee that every person there will have put some money on a horse in a race, as this is what a day at the races is really all about.

Long known as the sport of Kings, race days have a far reaching appeal, and for every socialite you see sipping champagne in her Philip Treacy hat you will see numerous people from all walks of life having a bet and cheering on their horse.

This one of the big attractions of going to the races, everyone can go and have a great time and make a few quid to boot. Betting on horses is one of the easiest, and oldest, forms of gambling. Even an enthusiastic amateur can understand the way that the odds system works, and can work out that if you put £1 on a horse that wins at 10/1 you will get £10 back plus your pound bet.

In big races such as the Grand National, each way betting comes into play in a big way due the large number of runners. If you put £1 each way you are effectively betting £1 that the horse will win, and £1 that they will be placed 2nd, 3rd, 4th and, in some cases, 5th.
The odds for a placed horse are generally ¼ of their starting price, so if a horse at 20/1 is place you get £5 back, plus your £1 bet.

While racing on the television draws big audiences, there is nothing like the buzz of attending a race meeting. There are race courses across the country that welcome all comers, and the on site book makers, known as the tic tac men with their exaggerated arm movements that all have a meaning, are a sight to behold.

There is nothing quite like placing your bet, then watching your horse in the flesh thundering across the turf towards the finishing post. While you can obviously place your bets in advance either at a betting shop or online, one of the thrills of attending a meeting is standing in line to place your bet and then going back with your ticket to receive your winnings.

If you live within easy travelling distance of one of the big race courses such as York, Doncaster, Aintree or Epsom, you owe it to yourself to turn your back on the TV and go there in person. The atmosphere is electric, akin to a top football match, and this just cannot be replicated by sitting in the house watching it on a flat screen.

Cheltenham New Year Race Meet Cancelled

Many people will have been disappointed about the Cheltenham New Years meet being cancelled, especially if they had Cheltenham 2013 guaranteed odds. However, the soggy ground may not have produced the expected results and could have been dangerous for horses, riders and spectators alike.

However, there are plenty more Cheltenham meetings to get excited about. There is of course Cheltenham Festival from the 12th – 15th March in 2013. This sees some of the best horses and riders compete all ending in the Gold Cup day where the very finest quality racing can be seen. This event will see the racecourse packed with people and the atmosphere is amazing. Some people prefer quieter days though and one of the quietest is probably the Hunter Chase Evening meet. This is happening on the 1st May in 2013 and is where amateur jockeys take part in a selection of races.

Cheltenham New Year Race
If you want something sooner, then the 26th January sees the Festival Trials day which is a one day jump meeting. The April meeting on 17th and 18th April is also very competitive. The new season starts in Cheltenham with The Showcase on 18th and 19th October which is the build up for The Open from 15th to 17th November where there is a shopping village as well as great racing. The last meet of the year is The International on the 13th and 14th December which are high class hurdle races.

Cheltenham is a popular venue and does get busy. If you want to go to an event, then it is worth booking up early as tickets will sell out. If you would rather watch events on the television, then most events are available, although it is worth checking as there will be some that are not televised, at least not on the main channels. It is can be good to go along though, especially if you never have before.

It is an atmosphere that cannot be experienced anywhere else. Being with others who are all enjoying the sport, having fun in the bars and placing bets before watching a live race where you can almost touch the horses before and after can be an amazing thing to do. It is something that cannot be imagined and can improve all of your horse race experiences, even if you never go to a meet again. You will always remember that atmosphere.