Even though we talk about harness racing form time to time, there’s nothing like a good flat race between thoroughbreds. The good news is that we’re seeing more and more of you get excited about the big horse races. That?s definitely a great thing, but the truth is that there are some classic mistakes being made. Even though there?s no guarantees in the world of horse racing, the reality is that you can do things to improve your chances of making money. One of those things is knowing the difference between a good race and a bad one.

“Aren’t all races worth betting on?”

Not so much. Though a lot of newcomers believe this, so they assume that any attempt to differentiate just isn’t worth it. They will go in on just about any race you can think of. Just like in poker, we want to be selective if we can help it. You need to make sure that just as you’re looking at whether horses are worth it, you will need to look at whether or not the race itself is worth it.

The hallmark of a great race is one with horses that are not just true favorites, but ones that have a fighting chance of winning. This means that it’s back to numbers again. Yes, we know that some of you hate crunching data, but the truth is that the money is IN the data. You have to crunch the numbers. You have to have a good idea of what to really expect. You have to see what’s going to actually go down.

Good horse Race

Reading the horse racing program is a must. It’s not something that you can just skip over, even if you?re getting betting picks from another site. Always confirm your own data. Always double check. Just because a horse might be a favorite from another race doesn’t mean that the data hasn’t changed. Even though this should be common sense, you might be surprised what happens when “betting fever” sets in. Horse hysteria is a reality, and it has led many wager happy individuals down a road to losing quite a bit of cash.

Bad races have horses that just aren’t favorites. Yes, one horse will “win” but they will not be winning at their peak. You need to think about the fact that these horses will not be the ones you want. Are they truly fit? Are they in the best health possible? Are they horses that want to push hard, or ones that are content to follow instead of leading the way? Why bet on losers that haven’t been properly put away? That’s a waste of money on every level.

Tossing out races might be hard, but the reality is that you’re better off in the long run.

Horse betting is like any other type of gambling — the money is in the long term management of data, money, and factors. Looking at all of your factors will make you a much better punter than if you were to just barrel into any race that looks interesting. Good luck!