Most people probably associate sports betting with horse racing. This is because most people who do bet on sports do so on racing, although other sports especially football are becoming more popular. Some people find horse racing rather complicated to bet on, but actually it is quite simple.

Firstly there are the odds. These are calculated by the bookmaker to make sure that they do well out of the bets. If a horse has a good chance of winning, then the odds will mean that you will not get that much money back in winnings. However, if the horse has a very small chance of winning, then the odds are set so that anyone betting on this horse will get a big payout. The odds are determined by how many people are betting on each horse and so they will change. However, you can bet so that you get paid on the odds that are set when you place the bet, rather than what they are when the race actually starts.

Decided which horse to choose can be trickier. You will be given an indication of whether the ground is hard or soft and if you read up about the horses you will be able to find out what type of ground they prefer. This will have a bearing on whether they are likely to do well in that particular race. Their past performance is important to, such as how many races have they won before and how many have they taken part in. The rider may also be important as an experienced rider could make all the difference to the performance of a horse. It does sound complicated, but actually it is a lot easier than you might think, once you start looking in to it.