If you’re going to bet on the big races, you need to at least have a good idea of what’s going on. For the advanced bettors that have enjoyed a long betting run, this guide may bore you. Feel free to move on, or fill in the guide with facts from your own observations through the field. We don’t mind at all!

Now then, let’s get down to business. Horseracing offers something for everyone — this isn’t just a sport for the older set. It’s a great time to go out with family, watch beautiful horses go around the track very fast, and otherwise have a great night out.

You can go to just about any event and sit in different enclosures. If you have money to burn and you want to get the best seating, you can do that. If you are on a budget but you still want to see the races, there are seats for that as well.

The premier enclosure is your best option, while your course enclosure is your budget enclosure. Both will give you access to the games.

What about if you just want to watch the games at home? You can do that as well.

There’s two types of big horse racing — flat and jump. Flat racing has no obstacles and takes place all year round, but primarily between April and October. Jump racing primarily focuses on October and April.

If you’re trying to bet online, you want to go to a good sportsbook. There are fixed-odds bets, where there’s a set price for punters to back a certain horse. When you make your bet, you will always know how much you stand to gain. There’s also pool betting, where all bets on a certain race are entered into a pool and shared out amongst the winners. This type of betting is vaguer, because you don’t know how much you might win.

There’s plenty of information out there about horse racing — this is just designed to scratch the surface. Think about this as you begin to really explore the marketplace. Good luck!