We wanted to dig in to more about horse betting from a different perspective. You want to make money in horse betting so you´re probably ready to hit the ground running. However, the truth is that doing your homework generally leads to much better profit than meets the eye. There’s no reason to assume that you?re not going to get ahead in horse betting — it´s always going to be there, after all. However, if you take your time you’ll end up making a lot more than the nutters who just dive on in. You don’t have to have complicated software or a bunch of rules — you just need to work out a good system.

When it comes to handicapping, it’s all about getting a system that works but isn’t too complicated. We like the speed selection system which has been around for a while. Punters use factors like speed to figure out a fast way to narrow down the field. Horses that aren’t likely to win the race are removed from consideration immediately. So for example, if you look at a field of horses, you can remove horses that haven’t placed within the top three of any of the previous races. In addition, you want to cut the horses that haven’t raced on the track before. After all, what horse is honestly going to win a race on a track that they haven’t ran on before? If there’s a horse that has been out of action for a while — don’t bet on them. Filter that horse out. This sort of information is essential to accurate, successful handicapping and horse tipping.

One of the biggest temptations that you’ll face is that you’ll want to break the rules here and there, thinking that you can just bet with your gut. Betting is emotional, but if you?re going to follow a system, then you need to follow it to the fullest. There’s just no other way around it.

You have to always be looking at the biggest picture from start to finish. Sure, it’s tempting but you are bound to lose money. There are solid reasons why you want to filter out those horses.

The serious punters also judge horses by looking at their favorite surfaces. Some horses do best on dirt, while others do well on turf.

Others turn to look at jockeys. Keeping track of jockeys and their performance history is very important. If you go with a bad jockey, how can you expect the horse to actually do well? How can you expect anyone to take it seriously? You have to always think about that in terms of getting things done.  You will do a lot better looking at how the jockeys are doing. Jockeys have a direct influence over their horses. If you believe that the jockey and the horse are connected somehow, then this is even more important.

At the end of the day, it’s all about patterns. You want to look at winning patterns that can give you more percentage points in the win category. You study the right patterns and you’ll have no problem actually getting some big wins in the future.