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To be successful you MUST keep meticulous records on a few levels. First, as a handicapper and student of the game, you need records on all your wagers for money management purposes. You need to know where you stand at all times. Depending on your citizenship, you may need to pay taxes on net profits. Next, keep handicapping records and notes on your selections for future play.


Specialize in a certain type of race, become efficient before moving on. Statistics and data are your friends. Subscribe to different databases to further your education and always check for the latest horse racing news and odds. Before having success with a sophisticated computer programs, the general consensus always preached there was “no way to beat the races”. Had I given up learning, I would have never known success.


This is always easier said than done as emotion enters the equation. Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose. Set a budget for each session and if you lose it, stop playing. If you have a losing streak, don’t chase. Come back and live another day. Remember the numbers are working for you…Let them work. Read more

Elite Horse Racing handicappers are using this simple system to make Better Bets

Everyone wants to be an elite horse racing handicapper, and for good reason. After all, if you could have a system in place that gave you the perfect breeding ground for more profits, why wouldn’t you take advantage of it? Now, we’re not going to tell you about some program that isn’t going to add to your profits. You can find any site to tell you that. We want to get you moving in the right circles, talking to the right people, and being able to say that you’re moving up in the world of horse betting.

But we know what you’re thinking: what type of system could this be? It’s easy: we’re talking about Bet Bind, a site where you can keep track of all of your bets across sites with ease. It doesn’t matter what casino or sportsbook you’re playing at. Bet Bind makes it easy to collect a summary of all of your bets, and keep track of them for the long term. If you know that you have open bets, you can balance your budget better. Losing money on a specific type of bet? Move on with ease rather than trying to calculate up the loss or profit on your own.


The reason why so many top notch players turn to systematized accounting is that they have more and more bets. Once you have a handicapping system in place, you want to work on getting it refined, rather than chasing money. That’s just not a productive use of your time. Moving on from this is another problem-solution cycle: culling the bad bets out of your catalog.

You see, every punter is going to have bad bets. Getting rid of them with just a pen and paper is a big waste of time. While you can do it, is it really efficient? It’s the difference between using a hammer and a set of nails, or using a pneumatic nail gun. Both tools can do the job, but the pneumatic nail gun is more likely to help you lay down a set of hardwood floors quicker than the hammer and nails will.

Going to the heart of the matter, you have a choice: you can keep using pen and paper, or you can turn to Bet Bind. The system is easy to use, and setup only takes a few minutes of your time. The consequence of not taking action now means hundreds of hours of wasted time in the future. Is that a cost you’re willing to pay? Move up to higher stakes with ease; just go with tracking systems like Bet Bind!

Staying safe around horses

Many people think that most injuries happen from falling off a horse. While this is true in many parts many injuries happen from the ground, even the calmest horse to a small pony has the capacity to really hurt somebody if they get a scare.

A good instructor will include as part of your learning how to handle and how to behave around horses.

Watch horses ears as they show what kind of mood they are in. Ears pointed forward means they are interested, but if they are flattened or pinned back, beware as it is angry or upset. Even the friendliest of horses have can have their moments. Practicing safety when horses are in horse trailers is a must, since horses can easily get spooked when in there

If you don’t know the horse then don’t walk close behind it. You don’t know if it has a habit of kicking. Walk around the horse out of kicking distance. On this, also don’t sneak up on a horse, let them know you are there and you lessen the chance of being trampled on by a startled horse. You don’t like someone sneaking up at scaring you, do you?

horse safety

Even if you do know the horse and it is safe remember that a horse has a wide angle of view but can’t see directly behind itself. Let the horse know where you are by keeping a hand on his body so he knows where you are.

Horses are heavy, feet are fragile. Horse treading on your foot when he is blissfully unaware of it and trying to push him off of your foot hurts! Make sure you wear covered shoes around horses and be aware where your feet are. Try and keep them out of the way of hooves. The last thought on your horses mind is where your feet are and not treading on them….

If you are feeding a horse a treat offer it on a flat palm, a horse doesn’t know the difference between a slice of apple and a finger and will happily munch on both.

Many horses don’t like being patted on the nose or face, so if you don’t know the horse then pat it on the shoulder or on his neck. The horse will feel safer and more at ease.

Horse Laying Systems

The reality about the Horse Laying Systems is that most often your favorites are likely to lose rather than making it to the top. The secret to financial freedom lies in laying your horse prudently, and there are ample Horse Laying Systems you can navigate online. Most systems fail miserably and hardly live up to the authors hoopla for “guaranteed” profits. It’s time enough that you bet to win. Where most bettors mistake is, they look around for the best tips and place their bet with a bookie hoping their horse will come around with a payout.

There’s nothing apparently wrong with this strategy, as you would argue that the same technique has been used always. The fact remains, this one clicks if you’re a bookie, but not so if you are a punter. Some common facts: a single horse wins in any race, which means other horses lose; favorites lose in 2 out of 3 races, whenever a favorite has a fair chance of winning, the odds drop with little profit if the horse at all wins.


The secret to making a favorable Horse Laying System starts with no more giving your money to a bookie. Betting exchanges are made up of common people. Whatever money you bet or lay on exchange goes back to you or to another punter, with the exchange taking a small cut of the winnings (5% or less).

You can get on the other side of the equation. Once you know 2 in 3 favorites lose, this means that you have a 2 in 3 chance to win if you learn the correct selection techniques.

Before you start betting, remember there are certain races where favorites win most of the time (50% or 60%).

horse racing

A number of softwares are available for generating Horse Laying Systems and as practice makes perfect, you will gradually learn to successfully increase your chances of lay betting. Most programs are powered by concise and easy instructions, that help you use a points system and find potential profitable selections. The guides help you choose a race a day. If you have the time, use it to bet on other races that follow the same criteria. The varieties consist of instructions for Flat Races, Jump Races, and Aws. This helps you have all the information at your fingertips. Read more

Horse fencing and winter

Before winter arrives please check your fencing to make sure it is strong and will last
throughout winter and the extreme weather conditions and anything horses can throw at it.

If a horse and his mates can escape they will and they usually do it at the most inconvenient
times… when the school is being evacuated due to the surrounding roads flooding and you
have to pick the kids up now, in the middle of a thunderstorm with gale force winds when all you want to do is be curled up in front of the heater with a good book….now you are wet, cold, cursing and chasing a horse half way across your village wondering why you didn’t get cat instead of a horse.

Horse fencing

Take the time to check trees and other fixtures as well that might break in a strong storm and crash through a rail, or if you have wire fencing check for any old wire that may get hidden under snow that can tangle around a horse’s leg. Wire is not very visible to horses and in winter extremes can be nearly invisible and can cause all types of trouble from cuts to permanent injuries.

Snow and extreme weather can also effect plastic fences, in summer the UV rays can make it become brittle and then in winter can get so frigid it can splinter and severely cut a horse.

All fencing has some type of danger to a horse whether it is wood, wire, plastic or vinyl. It will always deteriorate through weather and what horses dish out to it so check it regularly and repair it early and you won’t ever think to be trading your horse in on a cat.

Jump Into the World of Horse Betting to Win Good Money

The weather across the UK isn’t all that great right now, but there is something happening: the horse racing season, of course! This is a time where everyone can gather around their favorite large screen of choice and really get into all of the action coming their way. Are you looking to get started? You should be! After all, we’re not talking about just getting some community pats on the back for placing good predictions. We’re talking about getting real money for all of your horse betting, which is definitely worth looking into.

Jumping into the world of horse betting is something that’s entertaining, fun, and straightforward, but you are going to have to make sure that you follow a few considerations:

One, the sportsbook you pick matters. Stop and take a look at a few reviews before you get too excited about all of the potential money that you could be tucking into your pockets. The right sportsbook will have not only decent odds, but they will also have a community worth checking out. There’s nothing wrong with looking around before you really get committed to one place or another. If anything, this is absolutely the right thing to do. Itís going to allow you to see if you really want to play there. Keep in mind that even when you do choose the sportsbook that you’re most interested in, you can always switch later if it doesn’t serve your needs anymore. It’s not like you’re signing a contract, after all.

Horse Betting

From here, the other step that you need to take is a deep study of the horse betting world itself. Have you ever picked up a horse racing form? If not, you might be in trouble! This form lists important data about the horses that you need to know about. For example, is the horse coming off antibiotics? They might not be back to their full performance, which is not a horse that you want to throw your money behind. Even if others are betting form the gut without relying on proper data, that doesn’t mean that you have to follow suit.

Horse handicapping isn’t for the faint of heart, and it’s not something that youíre going to be able to learn overnight. However, it is something that will be well worth your time if you concentrate on it.

Should you jump into the world of horse betting? Definitely! Even if you don’t know certain things when you first start, the community around most sportsbooks would be more than happy to help you every step of the way. Just find the courage and ask!

A Return to Track Bias In Horse Racing

We love horse racing around here, and there’s nothing like introducing people to the port a little more. Of course, when you’re a new punter there’s a lot of different terms to absorb. You could end up thinking that you really have a grasp of what’s going on, only to find that you really don’t! Yikes! 🙂

So, in the spirit of helping you out, here’s something that’s a little tricky for newbies to traditionally wrap their heads around: track biases.

Remember that track bias is simply the differences in different segments of the same racetrack. You have to think about this because it changes what horse may be the true favorite to win. Oh, sure, the announcer is going to say that the racetrack has a favorite but you should never go with what the crowd thinks is good. They tend to not think things through anyway.

horse racing

In a nutshell, there are quite a few factors that can lead to TB, including how often the track is used, the overall design of the track, and the weather. Rain on a grass based track is going to be different than rain hitting a clay based track. These are just facts, of course.

Sometimes a horse will thrive when you don’t expect them to, and you’ll have to correct your betting with that horse over time. Or you could have a great horse that you truly feel good about, only to see them get injured and/or have to be put to sleep. This is not a good situation that you want to be in at all.

Horse racing has so many subtle nuances that you really need to study. Just when you think that you have one part mastered, another pops up. We took the time to explain track biases because it gets discussed virtually everywhere. If you’re a newcomer, you don’t really understand the term. It’s hard to feel part of the community when it feels like they’re all speaking the same foreign language.

Check it out in real time for yourself. You can read up on the various conditions of a racetrack before the race begins, and then use those characteristics to begin reading about different horses involved in the business.

Diving Back into a Horse’s Form

I know, I know. You’re probably tired of me getting all technical about the world of horse betting. However, it’s really more necessary than you think. I have to tell you all about it because it’s an incredible world to be in. If you start looking at horse betting the way the big players do, you might find yourself learning — and making a lot more money than you did the past. It’s completely up to you to decide what type of results you get. Sure, you can plan everything. That’s why they call it betting. But you can be a smart punter and make well informed decisions. Of course, the choice is up to you. Some people hear this and still think that they can just skate around the obvious truth. Others will feel differently. If you want to just throw away some money having a few pints with your mates, then that’s fine. This guide probably doesn’t apply to you. But if you’re as intrigued by the world of horse racing as I am, you’re going to want to look at how to make better decisions with your betting.

This brings us right back to form and class handicapping. If you don’t know what’s going on, don’t worry. While these guides may get a little lengthy, but they are worth checking out.

Horse's Form

What you need to do is look at form first. Simply put, form is going to be looking at performance. It’s a record of all of the events that matter. The form of a horse is going to give you who the horse’s parents are, their pedigree, and race-specific information. You’ll have the position that they finished in a specific race, along with other details like whether they were pulled up, if the horse fell, if the horse refused to even enter the race, if the horse had to be brought down, and even if the horse took some time off from racing.

Time off is actually more important than meets the eye. For example, if you end up looking at a horse that’s taken some time off, there could be performance issues. Just as you have to get used to going back to work, so does the horse. So performance may not be where you want it to be. This is also the case if you see that the horse has unseated a rider. Could the horse be out of control? Could they be growing weary with racing? Horses have their own personalities just as we have our own personalities. Read more

Bet On Graded Stakes Horse Stakes – But Be Careful!

If you’re thinking about betting on the big horse races, you might want to start with graded stakes races. In order to make sure that you’re not just blowing your money, allow us to explain exactly what a graded stakes race entails.

Not just any racetrack can consider itself a graded one. In order to earn a grade, there are certain conditions that have to be met first. First and foremost, the track has to be raced on for two years straight under the same restrictions. Participations in the race itself have to submit to post race drug testing. In addition, the purse for the race has to be greater than $75,000. Those are some tough criteria to meet, when you really think about it.

graded stakes races

Now then, you have horses that go into these races…and they are tough competition. These are the best of the best in the world of horse racing. So you want to study each and every horse carefully. Yes, this means that you’re going to be pouring over numbers. But if you want to really bet on horse racing like the pros do, you would really do well to think about this type of thing. Just trying to go through the motions isn’t going to work out well for anyone. You are much better off studying handicapping techniques and people who use strong handicapping to pick the horses that they want to bet on. If you’re trying to befriend people that are serious about horse racing, they’ll appreciate that you know enough to realize that it’s more than just betting on the horse with the funny name.

We say that you should be careful when it comes to graded stakes betting because a lot of newcomers underestimate how fierce the competition really is. A race with three year old Thoroughbred horses isn’t one to sneeze at, or take lightly. You have to make sure that you’re going to be able to get things done in a certain way that’s very specific. Why not make sure that you are focus on the bigger picture here?

The gains you get form graded stakes can be absolutely huge — but so can the losses. If you’re ever in doubt, make sure that you’re betting small. There’s no need to put your mortgage on the horse races, though some people sadly have done just that. The world of horse betting is just too volatile for taking that type of risk. It stops being fun around here for us when big sums of money are involved because we can think of a thousand other things that we would rather get. But it’s going to be up to you to figure out your limits as well as who you’re going to aim for in the grades stakes races. Good luck!

Staying Social – Even When Betting on Horse Races Online

If you really study the nature of horse racing, you’ll realize that this is a social activity. People usually gather at racegrounds to watch the horses as a social activity. There’s a disconnect though, when we look as the modern way of betting on the big races. People will go to online sportsbooks that list all of the big races and events. Still, you aren’t going to lack social interaction. A lot of newbies to the world of horse betting realize that they could use the social side as much as the other side. You just need to really think about what you?re going to honestly do, and how you?re going to make it happen. You just need to figure out which direction you ultimately wish to go.

Now is definitely the time to look at getting more social with your betting — you don’t want to just place your bets and keep going. You want to absolutely make sure that you?re looking at getting things taken care of by reaching out first. Most sportsbooks actually have chat rooms for this reason. They’ll even stream the horse races for you. If you don’t have anyone local to you to watch the races with, you’ll find plenty of people to reach out to online.

Betting on Horse Races Online

Everyone remembers being that newbie who just didn’t have anyone to talk to. It’s going to be better to reach out now, while it’s on your mind, then feel like it?s impossible. The best thing that you have going for you is that everybody wants to help the newbie.

Take the time to learn the lingo of horse betting so that you’re not in the dark. The more effort that you take to learn the ins and outs of horse betting, the more likely that people will help you along the way.

Now, you might get some horse picks out of people. We’re not against horse picks, but you have to think about the track record. Punters lose money on the horse races all of the time. You just never know if someone is more or less just betting from the gut. You would do a lot better studying the nature of horse handicapping. You don’t need to try to learn everything in a single day but you do need to make sure that you’re focusing on at least getting the basics. It’ll actually help you stretch your bankroll because you won?t just be betting on any race that looks good. You’ll know a few things bout horses.

Why not look into great places to be on the races online. Check it out for yourself — you really won?t be sorry!